Thursday, July 15, 2010


Before we went to the doctor {see last post} we went and had some fun with cousins!!
Nana was taking care of a sweet cousin visiting from Reno and we wanted to PLAY!!
So, we all piled in my van and went to the Science Museum in LA.
There was so much to

Oh, I can't forget.

We went back to the doctor today to see his GI and make sure "toobie" is OK.
I am not sure why his Ped. felt the need to FREAK me out and give him the antiboitics BUT...
it is NOT an infection!!!! Wahoo!!!
Come to find out that Bubba has a LARGE granuloma. :(
Our veteran GI said "wow, this one is weird and so different, haven't seen one like this before!"
Yes, of course he would have the "different" or "weird" one that needed to be checked out by 3 doctors so that they could all see it. wink!
It is just his body trying to fight having the tube.
At the end of the day Bubba had to have it cauterized to help prevent all of the bleeding.
Can I just tell you how BRAVE that Bubba is!!!
No, pain meds... and guess what not ONE tear!!!!
You better believe that the second Daddy picked him up off of the table he was SMILING.
I don't know how he does it but really he is pretty awesome.
I would be complaining for days.
He gave high fives to all the doctors, including the one that hurt him....
{if only we could all forgive that quickly}
and after only 2 hours at the doctor office we were on our way home with yet another presciption. :)


Brian and Kara said...

yeah, yeah, yeah!!! Glad to hear there is no infection. And, amazed that there was no pain meds needed and no tears! Wish we could all be like that!

Kristi said...

Good for him! Give that boy a big hug!