Friday, July 23, 2010

"Mommy, I miss my friends...."

Regan said this to me the other day.
"Mommy, I miss my friends"
I was surprised by this becuase we have had a lot of play dates and time with friends lately.
So, I asked her which friends she was talking about.
"My friends at the Aquarium!!"
"OHHHHH!!!!"... I said to her.
I mean it has been like  a week and a half since our last trip to the Aquarium..... what was I thinking!
She NEEDS to see her friends.
Yesterday before swim class we stopped by to say hi to some very special friends.
Not only did Regan miss them BUT it was obvious that they have missed her as well.
I am not even kidding when I say that she gets these sweet little ones to play with her EVERY time we go.
Well, unless they are doing a show of course.
We have a friend that is a diver at the Aquarium and she taught Regan a fun game to play with them.
One day we forgot our ball and realized that they love Mommy's lense cap just as much.
(it has to be a Nikon lense cap... sorry Cannon just won't cut it! wink)
What does Bubba think of all of this you ask???....
Well, see for yourself....
Then it was off to say Hi to her other friends.
Again, they came right to her and must have missed her as much as she was missing them.
Bubba LOVES the birds.
It is his FAVORITE thing in the entire Aquarium.
It was a fun trip to say hi to some good ol' friends.
Next time we won't wait SOOO long before visits! wink!


Sassy J said...

WOW! What precious photos....your family looks like you all had a wonderful time visiting friends!

Maw and Paw said...

These pictures show that some very caring adults are in their lives! You and Jason are such good parents! And you have a good support system in place. Wish we were closer...vice versa.
Regan will you say "hi" to your friends at the aquarium for Maw & Paw? Love you guys--take care....
~Maw & Paw