Friday, July 16, 2010

Just another day at the beach

I love having Ms. Vesta in our lives {Bubba's nurse}.
Since Bubba is allergic to the sun {uv rays} we can not go to the beach as a family.
It is so hard since we live  just around the corner from it.
So much thought and effort has to put into something as simple as going and playing at the beach for a couple of hours.
I have to make sure that Bubba is taken care of and that everything is ready for him so that we can leave.

I have to say that this is one of the hardest things about this summer.
In summers past Bubba goes to summer camp {that he LOVES} and Regan and I have free time to do things like weekly trips to the beach.
This summer is different.
Jason and I decided that it would be the best for Bubba to stay at home with me this summer instead of going to summer school and summer camp.
He is still post op and recovering and we need to keep him healthy for his next surgery in a month.

Ms. Vesta comes two times a week for the morning.
So, I have to decide.....
Do I need to her to go with me to apts. for Bubba or do I want her to stay home with Bubba so that Regan and I can play???
Last week Ms. Vesta was on vacation so we did not have her to help out.
We were excited to have her back this week and Regan and I got to go to the beach for the FIRST time this summer!!!!!
We just went to the bay close to our home {just in case.}

What fun is the beach with out friends?????
I LOVE that I can call Katie at the last minute and say PLEASE come play with us and she is always down to play!

I mean seriously.... they don't make babies, they make dolls!!!!
Baby G is the sweetest little thing!!!!!

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