Sunday, July 11, 2010

Guess who got to go with us on our last adventure?!?!?!....

Yes, that is right Daddy had a day off and we played!!

As much as I love my girlfriends I have to say that my best friend and awesome Hubby is my favorite partner in crime when it comes to our adventures!!
No one can compare when it comes to piggy back rides!!!
Bubba took adventage of any cuddle he could get!!! (boy, he was milking it!!! wink!)
Ok, so maybe I did too! wink!!
 (I was tube feeding Bubba while this picture was taken
... don't know why I was making that face!!!)
We had a blast with our cloudy morning taking in all of the animals at the Zoo.
One of my favorite animals at the Zoo is the Chimps.
They just seem so much like us.
I got some fun shots of them. In the last on one I can just hear it...
"BUT honey the shoes are only on sale for one more day that makes it a need not a want!!!"

 Bubba's favorite are the Monkeys.... they were not being noisy so mommy had to make up for it....
One trip around the LA Zoo and we were all pretty tired and ready to go home.

I know we'll be back soon. Yes, that's right. We got a membership.... since the  price of our tickets/ membership wasn't a big difference so we did it. Now we will be going all year long. FYI I can get one adult and three kids in for free with us.  So, let me know if you want to come with us and we can chase all of our monkeys around togehter!! wink

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