Thursday, July 29, 2010

We love it when family comes to town.....

On Sunday the kids were so excited to see their cousins!!!
(Oh yeah... and Aunt Shawna wink!)
They made the drive down from Utah and are spending the week with us.
We have been busy having FUN!!
The kids ALWAYS end up in the spa at Nana and Papa's house.
Bubba LOVES to be dunked over....
and over again!!!
He is so funny, he can hardly catch his breath but he has a HUGE smile...
Of course! wink!
The biggest reason for the visit this week is.....
this special guy's 8th birthday!!
That's right the big 8.
His parents were nice enough to come to California for his baptism so that we could all be there for it.
Soooo excited for him and so excited that we get to be part of it.
(Bubba would not be able to travel up there.)
We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it when famiy comes to play. You better believe that we have been busy and I have TONS of pictures to catch up on. (sorry for the quality... no computer means no photoshop.)

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Sassy J said...

What cute pictures....looks like these cousins have a special friendship and bond....that is what summertime is all about! Hugs, Jennifer