Monday, July 12, 2010

This is how we party!!!

Some of our friends are moving away :(
So, of course we had to party and what is a party with out a theme??
The theme of this party was White Trash....
I think I had the upper hand since I grew up in Texas/ Oklahoma. wink!!
(OH, I hope my family in Texas will forgive me for this.... you know you love me!)
Don't Mess with Texas... wink!!!
It was fun to see everyone's take on what they felt "white trash" was.
Thank you Kendal for hosting this awesome trashy party! wink!
We left our babes at home with Nana and Papa BUT there were LOTS of cuties there!!!
It was a fun night and my twinkie cake was a HUGE hit!
Oh, and if you are LOVING my plate... here's a hint. Duct tape on a paper plate looks just like nice silver... no one will EVER know!! wink!!!!
Hey, don't give me a theme if you don't want me to go overboard!!!


Brooke said...

That is just too funny! I love the theme, you really do go all out for your parties!

Simply Sara said...

you are so fun.
i want to be your neighbor.

Jonny said...

Love the jean cut-off shorts, or "jorts" as we call them here in Texas.