Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ok, I think this has to be one of FAVE indoor places!!!!

It has been HOT!!
So, we had to do a lot of indoor things.
I think, ok... I know that the LA Science Museum is quickly becoming my FAVE indoor places for the kids.
Why, you ask????
Well, since you asked I will tell you.....
First off it is FREE!!! (Can't beat free!!)
It is only 19 miles from our home!
Parking is only 8 bucks (Hey, in LA that's a good deal.. wink)
We took our friends to the Museum for their first time.
(not sure why the lady taking the picture felt the need to cut out Baby G but she did.)
So, here is her PRETTY face for you to just LOVE on!!!
(Yes, I made the flower headband on her adorable little head... wink)
Ok, back to why I LOVE the LA Science Museum....
First off it makes Bubba smile!!!
You get to make cool stuff like GOOOO!
It is so practical!
You can work on your emergency preparednence skills.
I mean really the kids will be SOOO grateful some day when they are in a hurricane that their wonderful Moms prepared them by putting them in a tank/thing with LOTS of crazy wind.. wink!

The kids LOVED working on their rocket launching skills!
(Look at how they were looking at Bubba...
 I LOVE how they LOVE his smile as much as I do.)
Bubba and Tyson and major Buds.
I love that Tyson isn't bothered by the fact that Bubba does not talk to him.
He doesn't even notice Bubba's disabilities.... now that is a true friend!
Tyson prepared for his future career as an astronaut.
Regan and Belen worked on their future careers on and off the screen.

The girls made several crafts.
While we waited for them to finish with their crafts we played with toys.
We found this cool puzzle, each block makes a different sound when you shake it.
Bubba loved it!
(Yes, I am wearing Regan's headband... it was a bad hair day DON'T JUDGE me!!!... wink)
Ok, this was another OH SO SWEET moment.
The kids were doing this cool Blue screen "game"...
They stand there and then they appear on the screen with soccer balls flying at them.
They are able to kick the balls... So fun.
Well, one of the kids noticed that the balls were "hitting" Bubba on the screen because he can't kick them.
So, they all surrounded him and blocked the balls from hitting him.
We always have a blast there!
We will be back soon!


Katie said...

Thanks for posting ALL those pics!! I love them! I want a copy of the one of Thyssen and Bubba laughing together. So sweet.

Trena said...

Sooo cute and fun Julie! I seriously haven't seen all the kids so happy before! What a great day!

Maw and Paw said...

I love the pictures. I wish we could be there and go with you.