Thursday, July 22, 2010


Ok, I need your help Moms out there.
We are having major water issues over here.
Regan LOVES the water but is not water safe at all.
She loves to  play in it the backyard and stick her toes in it at the beach BUT put her face in.... no way!
I thought I had the perfect solution but if fell through and I had to scramble at the last minute to find a class.
It is an indoor pool right off of the ocean close to our home.
Here is the issue......
I need someone to PUSH her.
I am not getting it from the sweet young man that is teaching her.
Do any of you know a miracle teacher???????
She NEEDS to learn to swim, she is six years old for heaven sakes.
I think this class will be fun..... but I am not sure she will walk away learning to swim or really over coming any big fears.
First day of swim and she was soooo excited!!!
Bubba and Great Grandma Jo came to cheer on our little girl!!
This is day two.... they were in the deep in the entire time.
Can you see the fear on her sweet little face???
Then it came time to go off the diving board and she had a total panic attack/ break down. :(
I felt so bad. So, we gave her a pep talk and her teacher told her he would do it with her.
She did it!
(but only one time)
Speaking of swimming.....
We have been having tons of fun in the backyard.
Now, how can I get her to do this in the BIG pool?????
The other day Bubba was feeling well enough to join the girls in the pool....
Ummmm.... Can you see how excited they all were!!!
Bubba LOVED watching the girls jump in the pool and did not want to be left out.
The higher he "jumped" the bigger his smile got.


The Huss Family said...

So Ashley Larsen told me about the Swim Nazi, yes that is what she goes by. She just pushes the kids to swim she gives them no option. She holds them under water until they like it. Sounds brutal but every kid that takes her class swims.
Here is her address
I couldn't get Natty to swim class because of being pregnant but I took her advice and started dunking Natalie making her get her face wet and not letting her swim unless she does and now she jumps in and swims around.

Kenny said...

You can also try Sarah Hull's uncle. website is He does swim teams, yes, but also private lessons. email

Trisha said...

Sorry friend.....if you haven't figured it out by the 3rd week in august I will be back from vacation and would love to dunk her for you.

Stephanie said...

Julie, I go to SO Cal to go to my swim teacher because he is THAT good. I am totally serious. If you want an AMAZING teacher that will make her really safe take her to aquatic explorations. It is close to you off 605 and willow. their number is 714-828-SWIM. Jesse and Jason are my FAVORITE teachers. You can ask Rebecca Ellsworth about them. She takes her kids to them. Rob is also great. At Regan's age she should be swimming in no time. Lauren was swimming the length of the pool after one week of going every day.

They are totally worth the money. I mean - I drive from Vegas just for lessons from them because their teaching method is so genius and focuses on being water safe. They learn to rest and breathe on their back instead of popping their head up to get a breath.

Okay - I think you get the message that I love these swim teachers and miss living in CA so I can still go to them.... goodnight and good luck.

Anonymous said...

julie, i have a master swimmer, my little guy hated the water, he would scream in terror at the waves at the beach and would cry like no other when he saw a big pool. our rememdy... i bought him a divers mask, it covers the eyes and nose... that was three years ago. he is now taking surfing lessons and also is a jr. life guard... without the mask at that. some kids have issues with getting their nose underwater mine did. once he relized he wasnt going to fill with water as long as he held his breathe and blew out instead of sucking in he was fine. :) wink wink.

Melinda said...

it seriously takes time, and one day she will surprise you and just jump in or put her face in the water. I have similar pics of me freaked out standing on the diving board and I was younger. And the swimming teacher had to do the same thing ... jump out of the pool and come and jump with me :) After a year or so I learned to do this on my own, and with no pressure. Now you can't keep me away from the water (but of course I am 32 years old now haha)

Foursons said...

Bribes. What's her favorite thing in the whole entire world? Go buy it.

Palmyra said...

lol, :) So cute!! She is precious. I wouldn't be able to dunk her! lol. I'm a wimp! However, I am writing down some of the numbers for the swimming teachers. Alex is just as scare and in all seriousness, it is very important for them to learn how to swim. So keep us posted! Loved the pictures!

Presley family said...

Thank you all ladies!!! I am so excited and am trying to get in with your miracle team Steph. I hope it works out. Fingers crossed. I will keep y'all posted!!