Sunday, July 25, 2010

I am not THAT kind of gal BUT if I were......

 I am NOT that kind of gal to like video games BUT if I were...

I would tell you how fun it is to see moments like this..
How it makes me feel good to know that he likes something
every other "normal" ten year old boy likes to do.
 (Even if his sweet little fingers can't work the remote.)
I might just tell you how EVERYONE in the family laughs at Mommy becuase
 I always seem to crash off bridges or get beat by my six year old daughter.
If I were THAT kind of gal than I might tell you how sweet these two look cuddled up together playing Mario Cart (Bubba's favorite game.)
If I were THAT kind of gal than I might tell you that I don't
mind Daddy playing his war games with Bubba around any more.
It helps pass the time with his hour long feeds hooked up to a machine.
(Bubba LOVES them, I don't understand it but he does)
I am not THAT kind of gal but if I were I would tell you that
I get teary eyed when I see this amazing big
sister help her little BIG brother play video games.
They have fun together, they laugh.

BUT since I am not THAT kind of gal to ever allow video games in my home
 than I guess there is nothing more to say here...... WINK!!


Brooke said...

Super's always fun to read what you have to say!

Foursons said...

War games are such a boy thing. I don't think there is a way to get away from them.

Your daughter's sweet, patient nature shines through these pictures.

Sarah Hull said...

I am so anti video games... but not after seeing those pictures! Priceless!!!
That one of bubba with his hand on his dad's about did me in!
p.s. it was great to talk with you yesterday! You are wonderful!

Sandi said...

Yes, sometimes, just sometimes video games can bring a family together. Our fav is Beetles Rockband. I love reading your posts. You have a talent for uplifting others! Thx.

Alyssa said...

the picture of collin watching his daddy play the "war game" is priceless! it looks like he is putting his hand on his chin and thinking about it. I wonder what goes on in his amazing mind. i bet it is so sweet!

EvaMarieva said...

I love the pictures and your series of posts :) They make my bed rest days seem worth it. Video games are worth it at times.

Reagan said...

what a sweet family you have! tell regan i think her name rocks!