Thursday, July 8, 2010

LOVING this June {July} gloom

Gloom+ Bubba= Good days
This means we get to play MORE!!!!

If you know me than you know that we are always looking for our next adventure. Regan will often times wake up and say "Mommy what adventure are we going on today?!?!?!" I truly believe that a day not lived to is fullest is a day wasted, Bubba has taught me this. So, if Bubba is feeling well then we are all EXCITED to see what that day will bring. Lately, Bubba has been feeling good (knock on wood) and it has been cloudy!!! I think we are the only family in California that wakes up and says "OH!!!, it is a beautiful, cloudy Bubba kind of day!!!!!" wink!

We have been busy......
Regan LOVES feeding the bunnies at the local community college.
She has mad bunny feeding skills!!!
Bubba wasn't feeling 100% on this day so he took it easy in his chair.
Regan has found a new love of photography. She is always asking to "borrow" my camera and snap a picture. This is what she managed to get on this day..... no wonder our  kids are little crazy, look at their parents!
One day we stole Nana and cousin Andrea and took them to the Aquarium with us.
The kids LOVE anytime they get to spend with Nana!!!

One day Ms. Vesta (nurse) and I took the kids to the Japanese Gardens.
Regan LOVED feeding the fish. They pratically jumped out on the rocks.

Bubba was feeling good and wanted to walk around. I kept trying to get pictures of him and it went something like this....
"Bubba... Bubba... wait....come back!!!"
Regan planted some flowers and is taking very good care of them.
We go to the library at least once a week.
Bubba LOVES the computer,
while Regan LOVES to read!!
We took Granny Kay (adopted Granny) and Abby with us the Aquarium one day.
If you can't tell we LOVE the Aquarium.
(We have passes and get our friends in for free.... so of course we want to go all of the time!)
The fish were fun but on this particular day the birds were the BIG hit!!!
Everyone, but me of course, managed to get a bird to land on them.
Bubba thought it was pretty cool!!!!
Yesterday we went with some of our super FUN friends to the Natural History Museum.
The kids dug for dinosaur bones and.....
and got chased by a HUGE polar bear!!!!
We loved taking in all of the exhibits and can't wait to go back again!!!

So, who wants to go on our next adventure with us?????


Zurmely family said...

memememememe!! can't wait to play in a couple of weeks!!

Presley family said...

Can't wait!!!!!!