Friday, August 20, 2010

Just in case you were worried......

.... I thought I would show you that even though we were busy with appointments we still made time to

Monday I had to live up to a promise I made to Regan.
I promised Regan if she did X, Y, and Z that I would take her to build a bear.
Well, don't ever tell this girl something if you don't mean it becuase she NEVER forgets anything and will hold you to EVERYTHING that you say! wink!!
Bubba LOVED watching the fluff go round and round in the machine.

Regan and I did manage to sneak in a little YOU and ME date after the nurse supervisor left.
We went and had lunch together and she felt it such a special occasion that she wore her special nails!!
Yesterday Jason had the day off.
So, we took the kids to the Aquarium and had a fun family day together.
Regan managed to sweet talk her Daddy into lunch after.
This is always a huge treat because Bubba does not like to be out in resturants.
Luckily Mommy brought his DVD player and we were able to have a wonderful time together!
And finally to today....
This morning before Bubba's Regional center case worker came the kids and I went and played at the LA Science Museum with friends.
(It has been HOT this week and we have needed to find fun things to do indoors.)
Like always the kids had a BLAST there.
They enjoyed dressing up, exploring, touching, and playing with everything.
We were so excited to have our friends go with us for their first time.....
and even talked Robert into going out on this thing.
(Ummm... not thank you!!!)
So, even though the week was CRAZY filled with appointments we still managed to squeeze in some fun.
(Just in case you were worried.. wink!)

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