Tuesday, August 3, 2010

{Birthday Magic}

For Bubba’s birthday every year we ask for the same thing from all of our family. Rather than buying him a gift, we ask them to contribute whatever they can to help buy Disney Passes for the year. This tradition started years ago when our passes expired on his birthday. When we suggested the idea to our families they all loved it because Bubba is impossible to buy for. So, this took the burden off of them in trying to find the perfect gift that would inevitably be returned to the store. If you have ever been with us to Disneyland then you know that there truly isn’t a better gift for him. He LOVES being there and never tires of riding the same rides over and over again. Each time we go it is as if it were the first as he sits there filling with excitement while he waits for the ride to start. I LOVE it!!! At Disneyland his disabilities and pain disappear and all that I see is a “normal” little ten year old boy enjoying the magic of Disney. Our family was VERY generous this year and we could not be more grateful for their gift to Bubba and our little family. THANK YOU, THANNK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! It makes my heart smile to know how loved he is and how much they just want to see him happy. We have the privilege of going for the first time with our new passes this past Thursday. As soon as we started to exit to Disneyland Drive Bubba started to shake with excitement. He knew right where we were going and he was beyond thrilled!!! Thank you again we are so lucky to have a family like ours!!!!

 Bubba threw his hat off of Casey Jr. while we were ridding it. They were soooo sweet to him!!! The gal went out and got it and when she saw what bad shape it was in she offered to give us a voucher for a new Disney hat. We said no because we felt it wasn't right since Bubba did it. This sweet cast member insisted and Bubba got a new cool Disney hat. (didn't get a pic of it.) She also sprinkled pixy dust on him to help him with his next surgery. :)

Later that night it was time for girls night and it was at my home. We were treated to frozen yogurt, lots of laughs, and fun games. I LOVE spending time with all of these wonderfrul gals!! Thanks... until next time!


Melinda said...

I know Disneyland is the place to go with Bubba, but have you ever tried this place? http://www.thepaintedturtle.org/turtle/

When I attended the University on the east coast, I went to the sister camp of this to do volunteer work during spring break. I was with children in wheelchairs on ventilators. And all i can say is .. what an amazing experience it was for not only the child but for the volunteer as well. the parents and the careproviders are also with their children as well, and there is a medical staff always available as well. i didn't know if you knew about this, just thought I would pass it along! :)

Simply Sara said...

What a great idea to have family and friends give towards park passes!
Looks like you guys all enjoyed your first visit with the new passes!

We are saving, saving, saving to hopefully make it down to Disneyland in the next few years. My kids can not wait!

Anonymous said...

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