Sunday, August 15, 2010

Before the tears.....

there were smiles.

Before Bubba's hard weekend we had some much needed fun.
We had a chance to go and play as a family on Thursday.
Daddy had the day off and Mommy was feeling guilty from my YOU and ME day with Regan.
So, there was only one place to go....
Disneyland of course!

Daddy took one for the team...
He went on the ride so that I could take a break
and Regan could try to make him dizzy for a change. wink!!!
I love that he will still let me ride with him.
I love that she is not too old to SHREEEK when she spots a princess.
I always LOVE riding this ride with Bubba!!!
He LOVES trains!!!
We also rode on Big Thunder Mountain two times together.
(He flirted and the gal saved a spot for us so when our train returned she said..
Oh, just go again.... and I said OK... and Bubba SMILED)
I LOVE this picture and how she is looking at her Daddy!!!
Just melts my heart!!!
I LOVE that I am married to a big kid that was so excited ALL day that he got level 7 on Buzz and scored the highest score of the day on the ride.
(Yes,  you better believe we heard about it ALLLL day long...wink!)
I LOVE that she would rather have a BIG pickle over a sweet treat any day!
(OK, most days... wink!)
I LOVE that no matter how many times Bubba rides the Jungle Cruise he still gets so excited.
(His favorite parts are the Apes that turned over the Jeep and the gun shot with the Hippos....
They CRACK him up EVERY time!!!)
I LOVE this smile.
I LOVE that no matter how hard the weekend was, this was a good day......
and no one can take that away.


jana said...

What great pictures Julie! I love that Reagan loves pickles! I'm such a huge fan as well! :)

The Peterson's said...

I love the Toy Story ride!! Never got to level 7 before! Looks like you guys had fun!

Foursons said...

So glad y'all had such a good day to get you through the hard weekend. I hope he's feeling better today.