Thursday, August 5, 2010

It is great to be eight!!

Jesus came to John the Baptist,
in Judeah long ago,
And was baptized by immersion
In the river Jordan's flow.
"To fulfill the law," said Jesus
When the Baptist questioned why
"And to enter with my Father
In the Kingdom up on high."
Now we know that we must also,
Witness faith in Jesus' world,
Be baptized to show obedience,
As was Jesus Christ, our Lord.
(I love this primary song :)

We gathered as one big family to celebrate Gavin and his decision to be baptized.
It was a beautiful day.
It was wonderful to be with family.
After we all went to Jason's parents home to have some yummy food and celebrate Gavin's Birthday. Yes, he was baptized on his birthday!... how cool is that!
We were asked to bring sweet treats.
We brought these HUGE cupcakes that ended up being a pretty big hit!
What is a party in the summer with out water???


Tawny said...

It was such a fun and special day. We are so glad we could share it with everyone! The cupcakes were magic!!

Zurmely family said...

not fair!! you got to blog gav's baptism before me. ;) love ya! the pictures are awesome!! =)