Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So excited that I cried!!!

Well, folks it is true....

Today we ordered Bubba's new wheelchair!!!!

I have been fighting with the insurance for a while now.
Well, since you asked....
Bubba has out grown his wheelchair and is in need of a new one.
He has had the same chair since he was three years old.
We have changed out the seat and made adjustments to it over the years.
It is TIME for a new one.
So, if it is so obvious then why did the insurance fight us???
What a good question... thank you again for asking... wink!
There was not a vendor in-network within 30 miles that specializes in pediatric specialty wheelchairs.
So, we wanted to go with a vendor that we have used before.
When I told this to the insurance they said...
"SURE... if you CHOOSE to go out of network you can."
And here began the fight.....
We did not WANT to go out of network BUT they did not provide us with anyone who could assist Bubba with what he needs.
So, after a long fight I got the phone call on Thursday morning, while we were leaving the Aquarium.
"Mrs. Presley.... we just got the notice today that Collin has been given approval for his wheelchair. We can start the process."
I started to cry!!!
Jason looked at me with worry in his eyes.
I got off the phone and told him what was going on and we all cheered and screamed!!!!!!!

Regan did not want to be left out of this process so she asked...
"Can I pick out the color???"
Jason and I looked at each other and said...
"SURE... just not PINK!!!!" wink!
The next day we had scheduled an apt. to have him come out to our home to fit Bubba for his chair and decide which one would be best for him.

Yes and there was one other big decision to be made...


Regan thought and thought about this... she did not play around.
She wanted to make the PERFECT choice for her Bubba.
Yesterday while we were driving she proclaimed from the back of the car..."I've got it!!.... I know what Color Bubba's chair should be!!!"
Then she told me "I think it should be yellow."
My first thought was ... YELLOW.... what!?!?!
Then she explained her decision....
"Mommy Yellow is a HAPPY color.... and well, Bubba is a happy boy. I think he should have a happy color on his chair don't you?"
How in the world could I say no to that?

Today our vendor came to our home and helped us pick out the very best wheelchair for Bubba.
What did we decide to go with????


We decided on the brand new Zippie Zone by Quickie.

We are making modifications to it....
High back with handles so that we can push him when he isn't feeling up to do doing it himself.
We are also adding arm rests so that we can put a tray on it for school as well as different foot plates.
We also added a shade cover.

We are BEYOND excited!!!!
I am not sure who was more excited today...
Me or Regan!
She wanted to be part of all of it and was soooo excited when she got to pick out the colors.
It will be  happy YELLOW...
with blue accents.

I have been asked how much his chair will cost.
I don't like to talk money BUT since you asked and I am feeling open I will share...
After all of the modifications have been done it will end up costing
Somewhere between $5,500 to $6,000.
I know CRAZY right????
It is the price of a cheap car!!!!
Not sure yet what our portion will be yet.
Like I always say...
"Bubba is the most expensive thing we own!!"


Sarah Hull said...

Whoot Whoot for a Zippie!!! And a HUGE HIGH FIVE to you for your determination and for your fight!!
The story about Regan choosing Yellow for her happy brother brought me to tears!

Brian and Kara said...

Congrats on getting it approved! I know how hard those insurance fights are and how long these things take! Quickie Zippie is a great choice....lots of my kids have them. And, I think yellow will be perfect!

Anonymous said...

and here i thought it was wheels for momma.. omg!!! your such a good mother. collins new wheels are hot, he will love the color im sure of it. :) and might i add one thing, i honestly believe that we "mothers" have to fight that fight for our babies, its natural instinct that has been bestowed to us. a special gift, if we dont use it then our children shall suffer. your a good fighter momma and im very very proud of you.

the peine's said...

Love that she picked yellow! Glad you won!!!

Foursons said...

Aw, she is the BEST big sister! So glad you're getting the new chair, insurance companies can be just horrible.

Zurmely family said...

Seriously - that chair has "COLLIN" written all over it! can't wait to see him in action!

Anonymous said...

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