Monday, August 23, 2010


There is a lot of change going on this week in our home.

First off this sweet little girl has been asking for a new do for a while.
Today I caved in and we went and got her hair chopped off.
She climbed up, told the lady what she wanted, and was thrilled with the result.....
So am I!!!

She is just too darn cute for words.... but I'm just saying. wink!

Secondly someone around here is getting a new set of wheels!!!
It has taken a long time and was a big fight but it is happening tomorrow!!!
{and no the fight was not between Jason and I ... wink!}

And lastly Bubba will be going in for surgery number 13 on Friday.
They will change out his long toobie for a button this is phase two of one of his last surgeries.

This is a week of changes BUT they are all good!!!


Kristi said...

Just ADORABLE. Sweet girl. I'm glad Bubba's getting some hot wheels too!

Anonymous said...

beautiful is the only word. how cute is she? and are the new wheels yours or bubbas? lol i sure hope they are yours. :) fun fun .... lol

Jenny said...

I LOVE her hair!! So cute!

Amy Eaton said...

She is just too cute for words!!

the peine's said...

Love her new hair! She looks so grown up!