Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fun at the Zoo {and I wanted to respond to the last post}

I was sick with a nasty cold...
and then the kids caught my nasty cold. :(
So, we didn't do much last week.
We made it out of the house and headed to the Santa Ana Zoo yesterday.
Despite runny noses and constant sneezes it was lovely to be out and about.
The kids LOVE this little zoo.
I think it is mostly becuase of the train and carousel.

Regan has a way of getting out of sticky situations but some how couldn't get out of this one!
The Monkeys were being fed and being very loud.
Can you hear Bubba laughing????
I can.... and I LOVE it!!
I have been making a TON of felt flower head bands and I am loving them.
{I think I am going to have a girls night/ class on how to make some of them.
What do you think??}
Ok, I think this has to be the WORST thing ever invented!!!
You not only spin on the carousel BUT then you spin in this eagle's nest thing at the same time!!!!
I had to take a minute before getting up.
Bubba LOVED it!!!
Regan LOVED making me sick!
Then it was off to the train..... that is more my speed!
Bubba is obsessed with trains and did not like the fact that we only went one time!
Mean Mommy!!
Pretty much it was a wonderful day.
{I LOVE being a Mommy}

I wanted to respond to the last post {Dear Lady from Ikea}

WOW, I wouldn’t want to mess with any of you or your children… wink! I wanted to explain the reason that I didn’t let THAT woman from Ikea have it. You see, there was a day when I wasn’t so nice. It was years ago, Bubba was just a little guy, and Regan wasn’t in the picture yet. I went shopping with Bubba and knew that it would be quick so instead of lifting his heavy chair out of the back of my van I decided to just carry my little man in my arms. While we were walking out of Old Navy a man proceeded to give me a hard time for parking in a handicap spot. He was MEAN…. I mean…. AWFUL I tell you. I spouted off some equally nasty things and was proud of myself for my witty comebacks. Then he continued and it was worse. By this point I had Bubba in his car seat and I was almost in tears. I looked over at the man and he was LAUGHING at the fact that I was upset. Yes, it was a pretty crummy day but the worst part hadn’t even hit. Later that night I felt so horrible. Yes, this man was nasty BUT I let him get to me. I became someone that I am not. I said hurtful things and even if they didn’t bother him, it bothered me that those things came out of my mouth. I repented and vowed to NEVER let someone have that kind of power over me again. At the end of the day I cannot control other people and what they say BUT I can control ME!!!! The people that take the time to really look at Bubba will see his beauty and for those that don’t….well, it is their loss. The looks, the comments, that LONG stares can all be very hard BUT there are those that take them time to come up and pat his sweet head, ask me his name, want to hear his story, tell me that he is in their prayers. I firmly believe that for every jerk out there in the world there are at least a hundred times more loving people. I just wanted to share with you all that story so that you know why I won’t LET myself say anything back….. It might not hurt them, but it would hurt me.


Dawn Marie said...

Very well said.

Foursons said...

The pictures in the spinning nest are AMAZING. I would have been to sick to be able to snap the shots, but you did well!

Good for you for learning from such a horrid experience with that man. I'm not sure I would have learned- my tongue is sometimes quicker than my head.

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie...I too have let strangers bring out my NOT so better half! Thank you for reminding me that sometimes you need to let "stupid" people go on and live in ignorance. They are the ones losing the opportunity to bring a little special "joy" into their lives that we have the pleasure have experiencing...and every one of THOSE people, I can say I have been blessed by MANY loving strangers that have given me some extra grace or courage out in the world with my EXTRA SPECIAL GIRL! Love Ya and keep on blogging..Billie