Sunday, August 1, 2010


After we had fun at the Aquarium
{see post below}
we invited everyone to come and Bowl with us for
Family Home Evening.
We seperated into two teams...
{We found these cool hats in the dollar bin at Target
 and knew they would come in handy one day. wink!}

The Pirates
and the Police {women}
The kids had a BLAST!!
Bubba LOVES to bowl!!
The second we pulled up to the bowling
 alley he started shaking he was so excited!
What can I say...
It was nail biting the entire time!
We owe it all to this guy!!!
Thank you PaPa for treating us!!

The fun did not end there with the awesome cousins.
On Tuesday all of the kids went to
the movies with Nana and Papa and saw Toy Story 3.
Bubba and I got some good cuddle time together.
{Bubba does not do movies}
On Wednesday Miss Vesta came to take care of Bubba.

So, we took advantage of it.
Regan, Daddy, and I met up with everyone
for some fun in the sun at the beach.
It was COLD!!
 I think Regan was one of the only
 ones to get into the water.
It was so much fun and I enjoyed watching the
 fun from my seat with my zoom lense on.. wink!

Nope, the fun did not end there.
{Wow, I didn't realize how behind I was until I started playing catch up.. wink!}

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