Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It takes a village.......

You know the old African proverb...
"It takes a village to raise a child."
Well, I believe it.
I don't care how wonderful of a mother you might be, you will always need help.
There will  be someone who can teach your child
something new and exciting that maybe you didn't know.
There will be someone who can comfort your child at school while you are away.
There will be someone to help them open their juice box or feed them bite after bite of yogurt.
There will be someone to watch them and cuddle them to sleep while you step out.
There will be someone who might teach them a new song or how to play the villion.
They might help them tie their shoes, cheer them on, or be their friend.
There are so many wonderful people that are instrumental in my children's lives.
I feel so blessed to know that I have such a wonderful "village" of people surrounding and supporting them. (and me :)

Today I was so excited to have Bubba's Ms. sherill, HIS aide from school, stop by.
I say HIS aide because he is VERY protective over her and doesn't like to share..wink!!
These two have a very special bond.
I can't explain in words how grateful I am to know that he has someone
that loves him so much watching over him at school.
He was SOO excited to see her and held on tight!!! 
When we switched schools we did it for the teacher, who is amazing, BUT
 I had no idea that we would hit the jackpot with such an amazing friend!!!
Bubba was confused and sad after she left and I am sure he can't wait for school now! wink!!  
Ms. Sherill brought Bubba this sweet gift.
He sings and vibrates and Bubba LOVES it.
He fell asleep with it on his ear tonight.
I would go to take it away and he would stur and I would have to push it again. 
This is another special angel that we have in our lives, Granny K.
My kid's LOVE their Granny K and have "adopted" her.
I had an apt. for Bubba today and wasn't going to be able to take Regan to ballet.
When I told her ... she cried.
So, I got on the phone and Granny K happily agreed to take Regan to her class.
Regan even got ice cream after!!!!

My heart is FULL tonight as I think about all of the amazing
 people that love my children so much and are there for them.
They are so lucky.... They are so blessed.
I am so lucky.... I am so blessed!!


Huss Family said...

It really does take a village. It seems like you have amazing people in your village!

jana said...

What an amazing post. I love all of the adorable pictures! I've been thinking about you all day Julie and you are in my prayers as well.

Rachel said...

I just could not stop smiling through this post.

What an amazing blessing... you can SEE the love your kids have for these special people - and that it is returned likewise.

I know I always say it... but gosh I wish I could give y'all a hug around the neck! I'm rather jealous :)

Maw and Paw said...

Today's post was wonderful! It does indeed take a village, since your family is so far away in Texas! Of course Jason has family there in California, and they have helped out tremendously and believe me we are grateful for that. You are BLESSED to have a great "village" who helps. We thank Heavenly Father that you are so deserving of that help. Love you all...Maw & Paw

Foursons said...

So glad you have such a beautiful network of people. Bubba's teacher is AH-MAZING. Love that she came to visit. And grandma's- they are just the BEST.