Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yesterday.... Today.... and Tomorrow....

We had friends over to play in the backyard.
It just isn't as fun with out friends.
They JUMPED....
They scored GOALS?????
They LAUGHED.....
They SMILED...
(you know I think I might even miss some of those
 extra teeth when they are removed... wink!)
They ATE....
and ATE.....
and ATE....
It was so fun!!!

Then it was off to Ballet.
Oh, I LOVE to see my little girl in her little tights, high bun, and ballet slippers.
This is her special place.....
where it is all about her.
No talk of doctor apts... wheel chair talk..... it is ALL about her.
and she LOVES it!!!
Bubba and I LOVE to watch her. :)
He will even clap for her... ((Tear))
Can you tell what her favorite thing to do is?????
Yes, she LOVES to JUMP!!


Bubba's nurse was here so it was a YOU and ME morning.
This is what Regan calls them.
"Mommy is today a YOU and ME day!?!?!"
Despite NO sleep last night we headed to California Adventure this morning.
I made a promise..... sleep or not... I made a promise. :)
I firmly believe in Date nights with my Hubby and You and Me dates with my kidos....
Bubba's you and me dates usually take place in the middle of the night! wink!!!
I am not sure what it is about this girl lately ......
BUT she is determined to make me throw up!!!
I LOVE being able to take in every word that she says.
I LOVE not having to say...
"hold on just one second sweety while I....change diaper... start feed"
...or what ever it might be
I LOVE doing things that she LOVES that Bubba does not..
like looking for characters.
I LOVE that she loves their bread bowls as much as me!!!
We always split one to leave room for cotton candy of course!!!

Well, let's just say that I felt  like I was cheating on Bubba by going to Disney with out him.
Yes, I felt a little guilty.
So, I will let you guess what we are doing tomorrow!!!

(We only have two short weeks before Bubba's next surgery...
you better believe that we will be playing HARD!!)

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