Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm back!

Hubs and I snuck away on our little 24 hour get away yesterday.
Oh, it was awesome!!!!
He did such a wonderful job planning it all.
Seriously, how did I get so lucky????
I am tired but I will leave you with this fun picture....
we needed helmets for one of our outings.
Nope, we didn't go to Disneyland... wink!

Day 8: I LOVE how much FUN I have when I am with him!

Day 9: I LOVE his sweet dance moves!!!
Jason and I met at a dance..... He made a bet with
a buddy that he could get my number.
and well.... he won! wink!

Day 10: I LOVE that he LOVES Disneyland!!!
I think it is a MUST in our family to LOVE disney.
{our first "offical" date was to Disneyland and he bought me an annual pass. He told me later that he figured that it would assure him at least a couple more dates. wink!}


Jenny said...

Curious to see what you guys did on your little adventure...if you needed a helmet, it must have been fun! Happy Anniversary!

DiscoveringDisney said...

Hey, all you Disney-fans!

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