Monday, October 10, 2011

I {heart} Sundays

I LOVE Sundays!
I LOVE waking up and going to church.
I LOVE getting my "spiritual bucket" filled for the week.
I LOVE lazy afternoons and fun family time.
I LOVE moments like this..........
Daddy and Regan playing NFL Monopoly together. 
She is one smart girl she bought the Cowboys right off the bat! 
I LOVE when Bubba will cuddle me while we play his video game. 
His little hands don't work very well and he gets frustrated and wants help.
{don't jugde my Sunday comfy uniform.} 
I LOVED making Hubs birthday cake withe the kids.
Regan did a great job.......... 
while Bubba on the other hand..... :-/ 
He would not hold the knife and would much rather use his hands.
He even tasted it!!! 
{To all of our party guests that are seeing these pictures now.....
ummm, I am sorry I didn't tell you about Bubba's "help" with the cake! wink!} 
I LOVED making our traditional birthday banner. 

I just LOVE spending time with these cuties that I LOVE so much! 
Double bonus is....
Sunday + a good day for Bubba= complete joy
Can I just tell you something???
Ok, here's something funny, Hubs NEVER read my blog before.
I showed him my recent posts about why I love him.
Then the other day he says to me..... "what no day 5?!?!?"
So, lesson learned..... if I want Hubs to read
my posts write about him! wink!
Day 6: I LOVE that Jason happily shares his birthday with our wedding anniversary. His birthday is just three days before the day we got married. It seems like every year we end having our get away on his birthday and he doesn't mind one bit.
Day 7: I LOVE that he has a testimony of God and of Jesus Christ. I LOVE that he holds and honors the priesthood and is able to bless our home with it.

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Susan. said...

I was doing just fine, and loving your post as usual, and then I got to the close-up of Bubba with the icing dripping from his nose and then I laughed out loud. I just wanted to kiss that little face! What a perfect birthday celebration, not just for Jason, but for each person to whom the bond with the others is so strong. Happy Birthday to Jason, and Happy Anniversary to the both of you!