Friday, October 14, 2011

{12 wonderful years}

Day 11: I LOVE what an amazing Dad he is!!!
Seriously, I have never seen a father more devoted and in love with his children.
While I am writting tihs He is on a Daddy Daughter date night to a local football game.
{Oct. 15, 1999}
Day 12: I LOVE that after 12 years he is still by biggest suport, cheerleader,
and LOVES me more than I could ever imagine.

Now, on to our fun trip.
We got on a boat and were off!
We went to drum roll......
Catilina Island.
I am sure a lot of you that live around here are thinking it's no big deal, it's only an hour boat ride away. I have lived here over 12 years and have NEVER been. So, for me it was a big deal. :) While we were on our way to Catalina Island we saw a pod of blue whales!!! They were so beautiful!!!! 

Soon after we got to the island it was time to play.
We got our gear on........ 

and took a bus ride up to the top of the mountain.........
and well, there was only one way down! 
Since it was Jason's birthday he got to go first out of our group!! 

and since I was with the birthday boy I got to go second!!! 

It was AWESOME!!

We went from the top of a mountain down to the ocean. 
We are already planning our next trip back.
We want to take Bubba on the zip line.
I know he will LOVE it and our guides {that were awesome}
 told us that he can go tandum {strapped} to us as he goes down.

Later that night we had dinner.....  
and watched the sunset from our table.
{Jason made sure to get us the most romantic table possible} 
It was a full moon and was so beautiful!!! 
The next morning we walked around the island and explored. 
and then just like that we were back on the boat headed home.
It was an amazing 24 hours!!!
Thank you Jason for planning such a fun and amazing trip!
 I LOVE you with all of my heart..... forever AND A DAY!


Kenny said...

You two are CRAZY! And still so crazy in love. I love it! Happy Anniversary!!

Rochelleht said...

How fun! You guys were SO cute on your wedding day! And still are!!

Susan. said...

Looks like you found your "always and forever" right off the bat. Many women dream of what you have. I never realized that til my husband passed away after a very short illness and other women came to me and told me of their envy for what I had had in my marriage. It's truly a treasure, isn't it?
P.S. I'm envious of the whale watching and zip line experience!