Monday, October 3, 2011

We got our put put on...........

On Saturday we celebrated this sweet little girls 4th birthday!!!
If I haven't said it enough in the past..... I LOVE being an aunt.
I LOVE this little girl so much!! 
This WILD group got together to get our put put on!
Pa Pa got a hole in one on the very first hole!!! 
Andrea was rockin' the mini golfer gangsta style!!
(I LOVE the turned hat and glasses!) 

Great Grandma Jo even joined in on the fun!!! 
BIG cousin Regan and Andrea.
Regan wanted to make sure we got balloons
and the perfect gift the night before. 
If Regan is around you are sure to find Andrea.
She wants to anything that Regan is doing :) 

Bubba and Daddy made a great golfing team. 
Oh, and they had a TRAIN!!!
Bubba was very HAPPY about that!!!! 
We had so much fun celebrating your special day with you!!!
Happy Birthday Andrea!!!!
We love you bunches!!

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Susan. said...

What a lucky little girl to have such a fun birthday and such loving people to share it with!