Friday, October 28, 2011

Did you Know????.....

that it is disability awareness month???
Well, it is!
And if you didn't fall in LOVE with Bubba's
school in the last post.......just wait!
I was LUCKY enough yet again to be part  of a very AMAZING day at Bubba's school!!!
The APE teachers, PE teachers, and volunteers from Cal State LB ran the show!  Every student came in during their PE period and got to experience what it was like to have several different types of disabilites.
They had wheel chair races and got to see how hard it can be to get around in one. I was not there to see it but Bubba's teacher told me that when it was Bubba's turn to come out and show off his mad wheel chair skills he was a HAM! Oh, and of course he beat them all! :) 

They learned about those living with hearing impairments and the challenges that they might face. The students all learned the alphabet in sign language. :) 

They got to learn about how difficult fine motor skills can be for those living with physical disabilities. They had to try to button a shirt while wearing large gloves. They could not believe how difficult it was to do something so simple. 

They learned about  dyslexia and how difficult it is to
read and understand simple instructions at times.
They were taught about assistive technology devices and how important they are to some to be able to communicate. After learning about assistive technology devices they were able to ask an AMAZING fellow student questions as she answered with her device. 

Lastly, they learned about visual impairments by an AMAZING student that is blind. He taught his fellow classmates the correct way to help those that are visually impaired and they practiced on each other.

It was an AMAZING day filled with LOTS of education about those with disabilities and their daily challenges. I truly believe that each one of these wonderful young men and women left having a better understanding of their fellow classmates and the challenges that they face. I am so grateful that Bubba is able to attend such an AMAZING school that LOVES and supports their fellow peers.


Christine said...

What an amazing school!!

I should print these ideas out in case I ever go back to teaching; all children should be blessed to have such experiences!

Rachel said...

What a truly incredible school! I think every student - at every school - would benefit from that!

When I speak with kids in young classes, I always ask them to imagine what it is like to wake up and go through your day without being able to hear. They are always amazed at how you need to compensate! And they have great ideas!

So glad Bubba has such an awesome school!