Friday, October 21, 2011

Need a costume idea for a child with special needs???

I know that I am not the only parent out there that has wondered what in the world to do with my special needs child's equipment when making his Halloween costume. Over the years we have gotten creative. I  thought I would share with you some of the fun things that we have come up with!

Scuba Steve!!
I spray painted a soda bottle silver and stuck some goggles on his head.
I took some cheap blue fabric and wrapped it around his walker and then used puff paint to make the waves and made some fish out of felt. It was SUPER easy!!!
Hot Air Balloon Bubba!
I will be honest this  one was not EASY but it was sure fun. We took two quilting hoops and attached the balloons with string to them making the balloon part then we used PVC pipe and wrapped twine around it to support the balloons and be our ropes, last we used a card board box to make the basket.
Indiana Jones!!!
This one was super easy. I used a foam craft board and spray paint to make the bolder that is coming after him from behind. Then we just added snakes and a wip to make it more "Indy"

The white Rabbit!!!!
I don't know if I should admit it on here or not but I made a good part of his costume out of dog's costume. Yes, that's right a dog costume. I could not find a white rabbit costume and then I spotted a dog costume that I just knew I could cut up and sew to make what I wanted. :) I attached a bunch of clocks on his walked to go with the theme and a sign that read .....
on the back of his walker.
Bubba LOVED this little push car. So, one year instead of using his walker or wheel chair we took him around in the car and turned it into his speed racer!
He LOVE it!!!

My mom made the chaps and vest for him one year so that he could be a cowboy!!!
Isn't he the cutest cowboy you have ever seen!?!?!?!
Then we turned his walker into his trusty horse!!
How about a pirrrrate...... arrrrrr!!!!
We bought the costume....wahoo for that!
Then we turned his walker into a pirate ship. I found a unpainted wheel at our craft store. Then I made a flag and attached it to a rod, and drapped fabric around his walker and there you have it!!...
You better believe that Bubba's good and trusty friend, his
walker, will be part of his costume this year as well!!!

What fun things have you done to include your child's equipment in their costumes???


Anonymous said...

If I was born with special needs...I would want you to be my ROCK! Every day I read your blog I can feel the love you have for your Bubba. I love your family!
Love, from Wisconsin

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Susan. said...

Oh, my, Julie! Your creativity just EXPLODES off the page! Your attention to the details is what's so unique and wonderful. I thought your little skin diver was absolutely adorable! Each costume made Bubba an absolute MUST-SEE for any costume-loving Halloween fan! Good job!!!

Anonymous said...

I just want to say how BLESSED that sweet little boy is that God granted him you for a Mommy.

Melinda said...

look how young your babes were!!!! how adorable, a small bubba and regan! and the costumes you had created were just incredible! can't wait to see what you come up with this year for the kids!

The Gray Family said...

LOVE THESE! What a fun trip down memory lane :>)

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