Monday, October 17, 2011

Even the best medicine did not work..............

Saturday Jason has the day off... WAHOOO!!! So, we knew that we needed to play as a family. When Bubba woke up he was not happy, it was obvious that our little man was in pain. We gave him some meds and then decided that a BIG dose of Disney Magic was what he needed. We all quickly got ready and were out the door. I hooked Bubba up for his morning feed in the car, we didn't want to waste any early morning clouds. We got there and Bubba was still having a hard time, he could hardly keep his eyes open at some points. It is was not his typical happy to see Disneyland response. We went on a couple of rides and then on our third and final ride of the day it was obvious that even Disney could not make the pain go away. We were on the jungle cruise and if you have ever been blessed to ride on this ride with Bubba than you know it is one of his all time favorites. He was not smilling or getting excited like he normally would. I looked at Jason and told him "this is NOT GOOD.... we have to get him home now!!!" So, that is what we did... we rushed back to our van and then right in the middle of the parking lot he began to vomit, the pain was just too much. It broke my heart. I rode home in the back with him and held him and wiped away his sweet little tears. TTD can be an awful beast!!! When we got home Jason and I took turns cuddling him and we gave him the strongest meds we have.... there were still tears. Regan was worried that she would miss her cousin's birthday party becuase of everything that was going on. Jason stayed home and took Regan to celebrate her cousin Andrea. That night was long and HARD and I was blessed to speak in sacrament the next moring. :-/{I think Jason and I got MAYBE 2-3 hours of sleep.} My sweet mother in law came over to watch him for us while we went to church. Jason rushed home after sacrament to relieve her and then I came home after sunday school so he could go back for meetings. Bubba was doing a little better but he was recovering from the day and night before. Then it was time for Sunday dinner at the in laws.... this time Jason went with Regan and I stayed home with Bubba, we knew it would be to much for him. This is a "normal" in our lives.... who will stay home and who will go.... take two cars so that one of us is always ready to leave at any minute with him. It is a hard reality. Luckily, last night his sweet little body got some much needed rest and this morning he woke up with a great big smile, as if nothing had even happened. I admire him for his strength. He woke up this morning knowing that he felt good and he was ready to take on the world. He was not angry about the weekend or what had happened to his little body..... he was ready to play. I hope that when I grow up I can half the person that my 11 year old son is today.

“I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you” (John 14:18).

Here's to a much better week!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Foursons said...

I'm so sorry your weekend was so painful- both physically and emotionally. I hope this week goes much better for you.

Rachel said...

Love that verse.

So thankful that he is feeling better. Thankful that you know him like you do, and can offer him the best medicine possible - your love and affection.