Saturday, July 16, 2011

{You and Me}

I LOVE my you and me days with Regan.
I LOVE being able to really listen to every word that she says.
I LOVE how special she feels.
 I LOVE how she still holds my hand.
I LOVE how she tells me thank you over and over again.
I LOVE everything about our special time just the two of us.
Bubba only has one more week of summer
school and we have not found a new nurse yet.
So, I have been letting Regan plan all of our you and me days
 to make sure that we do all of the fun things she wants to
 before Bubba is home to play with us.
This past week she wanted to go to the Aquarium.
We each got a map and had a game to see who could find and name the most fish.
We didn't have to rush past the tanks that Bubba didn't like.
We stopped at all of the touch tanks.

Most of all we just enjoyed every second of our special morning together.
Also on her list was....
farmers market {check}
home town buffet :-/ {check}
The zoo keeper movie {check}
Free movie day and chick file {check}
It was a fun week!!!!


Rachel said...

You'll never regret those times! Those would be on my summer list too! :)

Susan said...

Your children will always remember that they had a happy childhood because you are so active with them and pay attention to the things THEY want to do.