Sunday, July 10, 2011


I think balance is something that we are all looking to find in our lives.

I mean come on.. I am not the only one right?? I LOVE and HATE summer all at the same time. It is a HARD balancing act between caring for Bubba and finding safe things for him to do and having FUN with Regan. I NEVER ever want her to feel that she missed out on anything because of Bubba's limitations. I don't want her to feel anger or frustration towards him because she had to hear "I am sorry we can not go and do {insert what ever fun thing here} today because Bubba is not feeling well, or because it is not safe for him." She is an AMAZING little girl and handles everything with such a sweet attitude and we have not ever had a problem with this {knock on wood}. Remember the first day of Summer school for Bubba and how awful it was??? Well, that day was the closest I have come to that problem with Regan. When she broke down in tears at the thought that all of the fun things she wanted to do would not happen because her Bubba would not have a safe place to go during the day, I feared that the moment had finally HIT. Would she be angry at him??? She cried, I cried and then we both moved on. I was amazed at how she handled it. She began asking what could do WITH Bubba. I am so grateful for her love towards her big Bubba and positive attitude. The next day Jason watched Bubba and I took Regan to see the not so bummer summer movie. super cute!!! When we got home we made a list of everything that Regan wanted to do this summer. I promised that one way or another we would do as much as could on that list. Luckily we were able to find Bubba a safe site to attend summer school and we have been marking things off of the list!! :)

We have had several beach days. 
We made some pretty awesome sand castles!!! 

We even let Daddy tag along one day! :) 
What is on your summer list???

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Anonymous said...

I can sort of relate. My sister is autistic and I had to miss out on quite a lot growing up. I still love her so much though, even when I get frustrated that things don't go my way sometimes. Regan seems like a great girl and I think you are doing a WONDERFUL job finding balance. I wish my dad could have done that! (my mom left us when we were little). You've got a lucky little gal :)