Sunday, July 31, 2011

Last week............

On Monday we met up with this fun group and went to the

Favorite part of our day at the musuem....
Our future news anchors hard at work.
I love how Regan continues on under preasuer
and begins to describe the fight that is breaking out.

One day was beautiful and cloudy so we went to Disney with Nana! 

We LOVE Nana!!! 

One day we met up with this fun group and got our bowl on!
I am in LOVE with this wonderful kids bowl free program. 
We went and saw this handsome young man that is doing GREAT!!! 

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Susan said...

Aaaaaa--nd the big news was: "We're having a fight right here." Hilarious! Good for Regan, keeping her cool when the news team was disintegrating around her! :o) I think she has a future in broadcasting! Or mediation. One of the two. And your "handsome young man" DOES look as if he's doing great! Happy, loving visits help that to happen!