Saturday, July 2, 2011


11 things that I love about my
{in two days} 11 year old.

1. I LOVE that SMILE!!! After 11 years I still smile every time he looks at me with that BIG Ol' smile of his!
2. I LOVE His LOVE for his family and friends.
3. I LOVE how hard he laughs on roller coasters, he just shakes and no sounds come out.
4. I LOVE how quickly he forgives.
5. I LOVE getting to cuddle him every night.
6. I LOVE when he reaches up and grabs my hand when I am walking along side his wheel chair.
7. I LOVE his love for Dogs and a good wet kiss from them.
8. I LOVE that one of the few words he can still say is mommma momma momma
9. I LOVE the light from with in him that just shines. Everyone that meets him falls in love instantly. He is a precious child of God.
10. I LOVE his LOVE of Disney, trains, a good bus, and anything else that any other little boy would love. It is these things that remind me that he is not that different after all.  
11. Lastly, I LOVE that out of all of the lessons I have learned in my life Bubba has always been my greatest teacher.


Foursons said...

Happy Birthday to that sweet boy! He is definitely a gift from God. And I love the shots you got.

Miracles Happen said...

I LOVE reading about your sweet little man! :)!

Rachel said...

I love your almost 11-year old too! I think you are right - there is a light about him. And I can't resist smiling anytime you post a picture of him with that ear-to-ear grin!