Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bubba's birthday fun take 1............

We LOVE birthdays around here....
Ok, so maybe you know that and maybe you wont be
 surprised that we had more than one party for our special Bubba.
Bubba's first party was with his second favorite mous....
Good ol' Chuck.
You know, Chuck E Cheese. 
Bubba LOVES the trains!!! 
Guess who came to party with Bubba....
HIS Ms. Sherril, yes, his sweet aid from school. 

Guess who else came to party with Bubba??
Bubba's Ms. Lauria, his aid from his pre-k/ k class.
Yes, he is one LOVED little boy. 
Bubba was so sweet with baby Cayden.
Every time I put him near Bubba to get a picture of the two
of the two of them he would lean over and kiss him. 

We had so much fun partying it up with all of our friends and family.
Thank you all that came to celebrate Bubba and his 11th birthday!!!
Now, my friends I need your help once again.
Our little buddy Cayden is back in the hospital today and is having a hard time.
PLEASE keep him in your prayers.


Rachel said...

Happiest Birthday Bubba!

You know that you totally melted me with the photos of him giving Cayden a kiss.

(Not even kidding, I reached my hands toward the screen and prayed over that little boy... that God would touch his body and heal him, give his parents strength and wisdom, and bless all of them).

Can't wait for Part II Bubba!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday to precious Bubba!! His smile lights the saddest days with the glow of balance! God has certainly blessed him on every birthday with the perfect gift—his loving family—just as each of his birthdays is a blessing for his family.

Prayers for Cayden. Hoping to hear that things are better for him.