Wednesday, July 27, 2011

{Things around here}

have been BUSY!!
I have so many fun adventures to blog about
BUT for now some quick fun pictures.
Alot of you have asked how
Stanley is fitting in our family. 

He is fitting in perfectly!!!
He is such a sweet and gentle little dog.
Potty training is going good.
He is getting along with the kids GREAT!
Bubba started vomiting the other night
 and Stanley was so concerned.
He would not leave Bubba's side and
 kept putting his head in Bubba's lap.
This is a GREAT sign that maybe we will be
able to train him to let us know when
 Bubba is having seizures.
We love our little Stanley :)


Anonymous said...

I love your family. I'm so glad Stanley is fitting in...I just knew he would by that cute little face!
Love from, Wisconsin

Susan said...

It's fitting that you found an adorable dog to join your adorable family. My prediction is that Stanley WILL alert you to Bubba's seizures. He seems already tuned in to Bubba.