Sunday, July 17, 2011

We had a ball.............

Saturday Jason had to work and the kids and I wanted to play.
 I had to drop images off to a client at Leisure world before the fun could begin.
I had SOOO much fun with this event.
Can you believe that she was celebrating her 100th birthday!?!?!?
{can I just say that I LOVE my job!!!}

Any who... since we were over that way
 we decided that bowling was a MUST!
{Regan is the best BIG little sister ever... I'm just sayin"} 
By the end Bubba did not want to push the ball.
He wanted Mommy to hold him while I would TRY to bowl.
Oh, man I almost lost that darn ball a couple times.
{wouldn't that have been a fun blost post?} 
Look at that form!
Her Poppie and Coach would be so proud! 
We all had tons of fun! 
After bowling we surprised Daddy at work since we were close by.
It was a great day, we all had a ball!


Sarah Hull said...

You know I can't handle any of this for one more second!! Love it! XO

FootPrints said...

fun!! my kids just discovered bowling and LOVE it!