Thursday, July 28, 2011

What is Fancy Bowling??

Check it off the list...

Remember THIS post and my promise
of a sleep over to these two  girls??
Not only was it a promise but luckily
 it was on the list....
have an AWESOME sleep over
We knew Daddy would be working and gone so
 it was the perfect night to have the sleep over.
We had a funky gunky night complete with pizza and candy.
We watched Veggie tale marathon and did mani pedis.
The girls were up until 11pm laughing and talking.
The next morning as soon as they woke up they asked...
I had to wing it... ummmmmm.....
"We are going FANCY BOWLING!!!!"
They quickly asked.."What is fancy bowling?"

Well, Fancy bowling is the BEST kind of bowling!
You get to put on make up, do your hair
fancy, and put on pretty clothing!
Don't forget the sunglasses, they are a MUST!
It was Bubba's last day of summer school
so I knew that we needed to do something
SUPER special and super girly!
Oh, and don't forget that you need one
 CRAZY Mommy that is willing to join in the fun!
As we walked through the bowling
alley people kept asking....
"what are you celebrating???"
We told them...
"It's Friday....
and we are GIRLS!!!!
what elese do you need to celebrate??"
It is a MUST to always make sure your
 lip gloss if fresh when you are fancy bowling!

Don't forget, even your table needs to look Fancy!!!
At the end of the Day we all jumped for joy over
 our AWESOME morning of Fancy Bowling!
{OH, and one more thing got check off the list!}


Susan said...

YAY for Fancy Bowling! Or anything fancy, for that matter.....people just don't dress up anymore. That's sad when the thing little girls like most to do is dress up! What a great activity! I'm pretty sure that the others at the bowling alley learned, from you, how to make that sport even more FUN!

Christine said...

What an awesome idea! This is why you are one of the greatest moms ever!