Monday, February 28, 2011

My special Play date.......

Today I had a very special play date with a very special three year old.
Remember my trip to the hospital and our plans for a play date?
Well, today was the day.
I picked her up at the Ronald McDonald house.
She kissed her Mommy good bye and we headed out for a fun morning.
We headed to the Zoo where we ......

met up with this wonderful three year old {and my mother in law}. 
These two hit it off right away!
It was such a fun morning.
It was a much needed break from the hospital for this special little girl.
I know first hand how hard it is to have one child in the hospital while worrying about the sibling.
I found that the most help people could be to me was helping out with Regan.
It is always a huge relief to know that she is taken care of and my full attention can go to Bubba.
This beautiful little girl's sweet little brother is having a very hard time.
{prayers are still needed}
I am looking forward to many more play dates with this very special little three year old!
Thank you for such a fun morning!!!


Anonymous said...

I am, once again, totally blown away by how thoughtful and giving you are, Julie. You are such a wonderful example of selflessness and love. Love reading your blog and facebook and love the pictures you share. I'm not really "anonymous", just don't fit in anywhere else! Hugs! Karen Hayes

Foursons said...

I now understand where your daughter gets her beautiful heart. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Simply Sara said...

gorgeous photos.

gorgeous girls.

gorgeous mama.
you are truly gorgeous.inside and out!