Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dear Regan,

Oh, my sweet girl... I can't even begin to tell you in words how much I LOVE you!!! You have blessed my life in SOOO many ways. I LOVE that you are so much like your crazy Mommy.... always ready to put on a show, dance, or recite a monolouge. :) I LOVE your endless suply of knock knock jokes. I LOVE what a happy child you are. I LOVE that you always see the good in people and want to be friends with everyone. I LOVE that you LOVE to read the scriptures and pray daily. I LOVE that you tell me at least a dozen times a day that you LOVE me! I LOVE that when I run to to store by myself, you call to talk.... just becuae you miss me. {even if I have only been gone 30 minutes} I LOVE that you are PROUD of your Bubba.

I LOVE......
I LOVE that you are a fashionista and can
 always throw together a killer outfit!
{watch out Rachelle Zoe!}
I LOVE your laugh!!
I LOVE that you LOVE being Silly!
I LOVE that you are so dramatic....
{maybe I don't ALWAYS love this one.. wink!} 
I LOVE that you will do anything to make your Bubba smile!

I LOVE your beautiful smile!

I LOVE that you still want to cuddle me at night. I LOVE that you still hold my hand when we are walking in public. I LOVE your sweet little voice. I LOVE that the only Valentine you want this year is Bubba, boys are still yucky and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that! wink! I LOVE that you run up and give me a hug when I am at your school. I LOVE that you are my little chef and wany to help me cook. I LOVE that you are YOU!!!
To the Moon and Back,
your "sweetie" Mommy


Susan said...

She's such an amazing, adorable, fashionable, gentle, helpful, accommodating, sweet girl! Someday, some young man is going to think himself the luckiest man in the world to have captured her heart. She's truly a prize! No wonder your heart swells over her!

Kristi said...

Regan is a sweetheart and I've never even met her. It just shines though your pictures. I am SO excited that she and Kennedy are pen pals now and will be able to build a friendship even from so far away. I love your sweet letters, Julie. You are the sweetest of all.