Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dear Disneyland,

I LOVE that sweet memories that you give our family. I LOVE that on days like today, when Daddy is at work I can sneak away for a few hours with my babes. I LOVE that after some hard days for Bubba we can celebrate feeling better with Disney Smiles. I LOVE.... well, pretty much everything you have to offer.... enough said!
Thank you,
One crazy dinsey Mommy


Kristi said...

I bought that shirt for Will for V-day! It makes me so happy that you guys have Disney so close. I know it is such a blessing to your lives. I love to see Collin's Disney smiles every time you post pics!

Angie said...

Disneyland, how delightful! I LOVE your positive attitude, I can't help buy smile and feel happier after coming to your blog! Thanks!