Monday, February 14, 2011

Dear Valentine,

My final love letter, for the most important Valentine in my life. Jason, I LOVE you so much!!! I LOVE that after 11 years of marriage I still feel like a school girl on our date nights. I LOVE that you are such an AMAZING Daddy!!! I don't think there is anything sexier than a good dad :) I LOVE watching you cuddle Bubba or play barbies with Regan. I LOVE that I still catch you checking me out across the room. I LOVE how special you make me feel. I LOVE how you support me in EVERYTHING. I LOVE that you are my best friend. I LOVE that you still LOVE to cuddle on the sofa while we watch movies. I LOVE you will sit in front of me on splash mountian so that you get most of the water! wink! I LOVE that you tell me that you love me all of the time. I LOVE that you kiss me every night before you go to bed and every morning before you leave for work. I LOVE how hard you work for us. I LOVE that you asked me to be yours for all etenrity. I LOVE that you are MY VALENTINE FOREVER!!! I LOVE you so much!

one smitten wife

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