Monday, February 21, 2011

making his dream come true

Today started out like any other day.
We woke up to a wonderful Monday off from school and then
we set out for our adventure.
We went to our local OC Zoo.
We said hi to our friends the Monkeys!! 

We went on the fun carousel. 

We had to go on the train. 
Then it was time to make this little boys dreams come true.
Remember how much Bubba loves the Bus??
Well, today we met up with grandma Jo to make this little boy happy.
We went on the city BUS!!!!
I would not have done it with out Great Grandma Jo.
She takes the bus all of the time and is a pro.
I was a little nervous about making it work......
I had to carry Bubba, my purse, and his folded up stroller onto
the bus by myself. 
We took the bus to the Mall and rode yet another train. 
Ah, I LOVE this picture!!!! 
Then it was time to take the bus back to Great Grandma Jo's home. 
He sat there with a HUGE smile just watching for the bus. 
Our fun adventure on the City Bus with Great Grandma
 Jo is one that Regan will never forget!
{She said that it was the BEST day ever and the bus was her favorite part!}
Bubba LOVED it!!!!
Today his dream came true.....
He got to ride the BIG Bus!!!!!


Jennie said...

LOVE IT!!! I bet that made Grandma Jo's day too. What a fun adventure! I love Bubba's big smiles, you can see the joy in him. So glad you had such a fun day!

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh - the picture of him waiting for the bus... and knowing how much he's looked forward to that... just melts my heart! I love it!

Krystal said...

Hi there!
I just wanted to say thanks for your encouraging words on my blog! You have such a beautiful family. This post brought tears to my eyes. I can only imagine how awesome that must have been to do something that your son has been dreaming of. You seem like such a wonderful mom! :)

P.S. I am in love with the top picture on your blog of the four of you!

Kristin said...

Your kids are so adorable- Collin is such a little stud in his DC hat! Love the Pictures!!