Saturday, February 26, 2011

A much needed break for some special friends............

Thursday I took Bubba to the hospital. You see, ol’ buddy button was acting up. The valve in his feeding tube had stopped working. Luckily Bubba has a very high tolerance for pain. We were able to hold him down and do what we needed to do right there in the clinic. It was easy speasy pumpkin peasy! Wink! Since all went so well with Bubba we decided to go up to the PICU and see our buddy. Do you remember my sweet little FRIEND? Well, he is having a hard time. On Monday he went in for his third surgery on his shunt. We pulled the curtain back to see that little rock star in his Mommy’s arms doing great. Then I looked over to see his sweet little sister playing Barbie dolls on the ground. So, Bubba and I spent most of our visit focusing on little three year old sis. She agreed to let me pick her up and take her to the zoo next week, just the two of us! Then we discussed our favorite foods and decided that we would have cheese burgers for lunch after our zoo trip. I got to hold that sweet baby boy for a minute and then Mom told me that she had been given Aquarium tickets from the Ronald McDonald house and was wanting to go. I know how hard it is to leave your sweet babe in the hospital but she knew that she needed some special time with her little gal, being in the hospital is so hard on everyone. So, I told her that Jason was working and we were just looking for something fun to do. I told her that we could get her mom, whom I happen to VT, into the Aquarium for free so that she could join in on the fun as well. Today we met up with our friends…. Mom, Dad, Grandma, and lil sis at the Aquarium. It was so much fun! Lil sis took to Regan right away and they had a blast together. Regan is SOOO good with little kidos. I know it was hard for them to leave their little man for a couple of hours but I also know it was a much need break. Thank you for letting us play with you today!!! {Please keep little Cayden in your prayers he will be going back in for surgery this next week.}


Deb Cox said...

Julie, you really know how to capture those special moments. Thanks for befriending my little family. And for being such a great Mom & example to others.

John / Debby Laurie said...

How nice to know there are such wonderful women/moms in this world.

I love your comments about Cayden and his family. Carina encouraged me to look at your blog - such beautiful words and a beautiful family.