Thursday, February 3, 2011

I hear {music}

This morning I had the privilege of accompanying my
 favorite ten year old boy to the Long Beach Symphony.
I am always amazed and so grateful to see that ........
with all of these many children my son was included.

The Long Beach Symphony puts on performances for all of
 the 4th and 5th graders for the LB school district every year.

Our special kids are NEVER left out.
It would be easy to leave them out....
their buses cost more money.
They are loud.
They don't always understand the music.
Some, like Bubba, can't even hear it.
{He could hear some pitches.... he could hear and feel the base!! :)}
BUT despite all of these things.....
They were included. :)
Bubba was not very "into" the show.....
his Buddy the DVD player was more important.
I was so excited to see a couple of kids we know in the high school choir.
{didn't get a picture.... I got in trouble for the few I did get.. wink!}
Bailey LOVES her Mommy!!!
Thank you Mr. T for always inviting me
 to tag along on your fun adventures!!!
Thank you Long Beach Symphony for always
including such a special group of kids!!!


Rachel said...

How fun!

(And it matters little if you can only feel the bass... art can be entertaining, even if it is WATCHING music! :)

So glad you all got to go!

Kristi said...

I'm so glad that they include Collin and his classmates too. What a special time for them.