Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Photographs and a Conversation

Let me start my post off tonight with a conversation between Regan and I. Last night she came to me and asked me "Mommy when did you know Bubba was a handicaper?" {She calls those with a disability handicapers because she thinks it sounds prettier.} I was surprised by her question and then explained "I found out that Bubba was a handicaper when he was a baby around 9 months old." Regan thought for a second and came back with "where you so sad when they told you?" "Well Regan... yes I was sad. I didn't know what Bubba's life was going to be like or how hard it would be." Regan then asked "Did you cry Mommy?" and I answered honestly by telling her that I did cry. "Mommy {pause} did they not tell you that he would be like a real person... you know that even though he was a handicaper he would still smile and laugh??" By this point I had tears in my eyes "No Regan they did not explain those things to Mommy they only told me scary things but Bubba proved them wrong." Regan laughed and said "Yea Mommy they didn't know that handicapers like Disneyland did they??"  Oh, I LOVE that girl!!!

On to the photographs..... sometimes when I need a little inspiration I like to go to a fun spot. It is like the perfect movie prop house. Today I went there and spent an hour taking in all of the beautiful things and snapping away. It was the perfect photo therapy that I needed. Tomorrow Bubba and I will be at the hospital....... this was a nice escape befor the stress.


Rachel said...

God gave that girl of yours a heart of gold.

I know that my disability has really highlighted my sister's gift of compassion. It has to be difficult growing up with a sibling that requires extra attention, but God bless those kids who love and give through it.

(I kinda totally want to give Regan a squeeze - I know she is much of the reason for Bubba's smiles and laughter).

Praying for your day tomorrow - for rest, wisdom, skill, and God's perfect placement.

Mackenzie said...

Wow. What an incredible way to get some time by yourself. I will be thinking of you during your stay in the hospital and hope that everything turns out for the better. You are such an inspiration!

Susan said...

Hoping things are going well. Regan is soooooo precious! She makes this world shine with goodness.

The black and white pictures are wonderful!