Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dear Bubba,

I LOVE you so much!! I LOVE that you slept in your own bed until 5am last night!!! I kept checking on you all night, that's just what Mommys do. You looked so peaceful :) I couldn't help but think of all of the many things that I LOVE about you as I watched you sleep. I LOVE all of the many lessons that you have taught me over the years. I LOVE that you inspire EVERYONE that meets you, or hears about you. I LOVE that no matter what is going on you still SMILE........
I LOVE that you enjoy every simple little moment in life.
I LOVE that even when you are hurting in the hospital you can find a positive...
{like the hospital remote and playing a game with Mommy :)}

I LOVE how much you love your family!
{You and your sister have such a special love for
each other, it makes me want to be a better sister.} 
I LOVE how much you LOVE rollercoasters!!! 
I LOVE how you laugh so hard that you just shake and no sound comes out!
I LOVE that when I get off of the ride my mouth
 hurts from smilling so much as I watch you. 
I LOVE that you have been patient and
forgiving with me as I have grown up with you,
learning along the way. 
I LOVE your SMILE!!! I can't help but smile whenI see it, even on the hardest days..... you can always make me smile. I LOVE that you find joy in the simple little things that I often times over look. I LOVE that you make everyone feel special when you crawl up to them and put your arms up with that BIG smile and LOVE on them. I LOVE that your are a daily reminder of how much God loves us. I LOVE that you are my Hero in every way. I LOVE that some day I hope that I can be half as amazing as my ten your old son. I LOVE that you have played such a BIG part in making me who I am today. I LOVE my life with you in it, I would not change a thing! I LOVE being your Mommy!!!
Too the moon and back,
One VERY lucky Mommy :)


Rachel said...

Oy... I'm feeling a bit left out that I haven't had Bubba give me a big ole hug yet. But I love your little man too. And so does Itty Bit - who still thinks he's a friend from the computer that he needs to meet :)

Much LOVE to your family... and YAHOO for a sweet night of sleep!

Susan said...

What a sweet letter to Bubba from Mommy. I have to agree that Bubba's smile is the champion of all smiles. For the rest of my life, if someone asks me who has the best smile I have ever seen, I can't help but tell Bubba's story. His smile could melt the coldest heart or lift the lowest spirit. I figure the joy that beams from that smile of his is the reflection of all the love he gets from his family. Lucky Bubba to be loved so deeply. Lucky you to be loved back just as much.

Foursons said...

Yay for a good night of sleep! Well almost since you kept getting up to check on him. But happy your heart got a rest from the worry. And Bubba IS amazing. What a blessing he is.

Kristi said...

The picture of Bubba with the remote control at the hospital is one of my favorites. I love that he is smiling all the time too, he is a perfect example of courage and finding joy even through our trials. Love him.