Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day { how we PARTY}

The kids had the day off from school. So, what else is there to but........... PARTY!!! We invited our friends over for a Valentines Day party, Presley style! wink! Part of a good party at our home is seeing how many people we can CRAM into our cozy home. UMMMM.... I think we hit a new record, 19 kids + the adults that brought them. Good thing the fire marshal didn't drive by. wink! No one seemed to mind being packed in!
The kids started the morning off by making
Valentines for their "special" friends!  

The babes kept busy playing AWAY
from the CRAZY big kids! wink! 
The kids had a blast decorating cookies...

Ok, true story..... See this Red
 haired little buddy of Bubba's.
Well, one day he saw this toy at
the store and said
"I have to get this for Bubba he will LOVE it!"
How could his mom say no to that!?!?!
You know he is a true Buddy when he knows that
Bubba {my deaf lil' guy} would love being yelled at! wink

He cracked up every time he did it! 
The party continued in the {MESSY} backyard of ours. 

It was a fun day!!! 

The kids left with Valentines they exchanged,
 smiles, and on a sugar high! wink!


Melinda said...

WOW I love your parties!!! they look so much fun! :) What cookie recipe do you use? those cookies look delish!

Rachel said...

Oh how fun! I love all the pictures!

And that yelling thing? Whether or not you can hear, the concentrated hollow vibration tickles the eardrum (and it's usually loud enough you can feel it in your chest! :) I'm sure Bubba had a blast!

Happy Love Day!

Rochelleht said...

You are amazing. Truly. That looks fabulous.

Simply Sara said...

you are officially the coolest mom ever!
man i wish we lived close so we could have crashed your party.

i hope you know that you are joy personified.
seriously, you inspire me to be more joyFULL.