Thursday, April 19, 2012


Our sweet Bubba did GREAT once again.
All of the ladies LOVE him.

When we walk thru the doors.... "Hi Bubba! back again!"

"We don't normally let kids play with the handicap door opening button BUT for you we will." :)
Getting my pre op cuddles in ;-)

The night before was HARD and then a EARLY wake up call...... :-(
Daddy carried him back to the OR this time.

Post op cuddles. :-)

The surgery went well.

They had to biopsy an ulcer.

and guess who's back..........

drum roll please............

remember THIS post
It's toobie {on steroids}!!

Regan and I decided that we MUST throw a welcome back toobie party tomorrow night! ;-)
Bubba will now have to be hooked up to his pump for feeds 20 hours a day. ;-(

How does Bubba feel about it???

Not a HUGE fan but still thinks....

Bubba has been very uncomfortable BUT has been in good spirits!

We are praying that this will help with some of his tummy issues.

He is such a trooper and I am amazed by his strength with each new trial he has to endure.

Thank you for keeping our Bubba in your prayers. :-)


Amy said...

I'm so glad Bubba was up for a walk! That's so great! I love that shirt on him. He's the biggest trooper I know. I sure will keep him in my prayers.

Rochelleht said...

So glad it went well. Not so thrilled about the tube, but at least you know what you're doing...?

A constant in my prayers.

Susan said...

So happy to get the news that the surgery went well! YAY, Bubba!!! Still here, still prayin'......