Monday, April 30, 2012

Party like a {Rock Star}

Regan requested a Rock Star birthday party this year and with the help of some amazing friends we pulled it off! Thank you to everyone that came over to hold Bubba while I worked on party things, those of that helped with the party details, my sister for making Regan's awesome shirt and for cutting out all of the letters and rockstar deatails with her cricut, for finding and brining a kareokee machine,  for brining and picking up food, for making and gifting Regan with cupcakes, for letting Regan borrow a perfect skirt, for holding Bubba while I got the party going {Hubs had surgery the day before and was resting inside}, and those that came to support and show love for my little rockstar!!! Thank goodness for the internet and being able to order and find stuff while we were at the hospital. :-) Even as CRAZY as last week was it all came together and Regan was very happy and that is all that mattered!
Thank you Bonnie from Owl have a cupcake for making such yummy cupcakes for the party!
They were awesome! :)

Birthday girl in her awesome shirt from Aunt Nancy. :-)
When the girls got there they went to the backstage area and got their "swag"
{tattoos, VIP passes, jewelry, microphone, guitar, sunglasses, and colored hair.}
 After getting all "rock stared up" it was time to...........
It was so much fun watching them!
They took a quick break for lunch. 

and there was some pinata fun...........

{When did Regan become a tween... serisously... throwing up the peace sign.} 
blowing out the candles............
Cuddles :-).............. 

and a silly string fight.
{every rockstar has to make a mess before they leave, right??}

These two ladies were amazing!!
It was such a fun day celebrating my special little rock star!
I love you baby girl!


Enchanted Rose said...

I love it!!!!! I am going to have to borrow some of your ideas for Kai's party ;)

I can't believe that my little Reggie is so grown up now. I miss you guys SO much! I love you to the moon and back!

Aunt Nancy

Susan said...

What a wonderful birthday party for such a special little girl! She IS a star, and she definitely ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

I love the American Girl eating lunch with them!! :) Party seemed awesome, you're such a fun mom!