Monday, April 2, 2012

{Me and you time}

Hubs and I were lucky enough to get some much needed me and you time Friday night.

We have an amazing friend {an aid from Bubba's last school} that offered to watch them so that we could go out.

There are not many people that I trust with my Bubba BUT I would trust her any day to help care for him. :) {Thank you Sherrie!!!!}

This weekend was brutal on Bubba.

He is one tough little boy, so when he is crying out in pain you know it's bad.

Regan and I had planned on taking her 8 year old pictures on Saturday.

When we woke up it was cloudy and cold.

I asked her is she wanted to just do it another day.

"No mom I can't wait for our me and you time!"

It was a sweet break from my daily "Bubba duties".

Regan got to pick the location, one of our favorite spots to go together, shoreline village. ;-)

We took some pictures of course BUT we also..........

Played some games together...........

Rode the carousel.......

and a trip to shoreline village would not be complete with out funnel cake. :)

We both had a blast and enjoyed every second of our me and you time.

After Regan and I got back from our me and you time it was time for her to go on a date with her Daddy.

They got some special me and you time at the movies.

She had been asking to go and see mirror mirror and Daddy was the lucky one that got to take her! :)

Over the weekend we also enjoyed watching confrence together as a family.

I can't wait to write my thoughts about it.

There is one talk that really hit home. {I got so many texts, emails..etc. letting me know that they thought about us and our sweet Bubba during this talk.}
Today I got some me and you time with Bubba.

Our me and you time lately is not the kind that I like. :(

We were at the hospital and then ended up......

with a concerned doctor.

We got to test Bubba's port out for the first time and it worked great.

I am so grateful for all of the me and you time we all got this weekend.

There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.

Today I am grateful for the blessings of Me and You time in our little family! 


Leslie said...

Let me guess.... Elder Rasband's talk?!! I thought of you during his talk. :)

Leslie said...
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Susan said...

Still praying hard for Bubba, that things will become easier for him. I can only imagine your anguish over the troubles he's having—it makes me so sad that he has less reason to grin his big ol' Bubba grin that charms everyone's heart.
The pictures of Regan are adorable! I was going to pick a favorite, but then couldn't choose. That's what happens when the photographer is an artist too.

Glad you and Jason got some time together too. What a great gift to have someone you can trust with Bubba so you can get that alone time together!
Prayers are for all of you, too, while you try to help Bubba in every way you can, knowing that you can't change everything you want to change for him right now. We all know you're hanging in there with everything you've got.