Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Lately, the word blessed just keeps coming to me over and over. Bubba’s health has not changed and we are still facing the same daily battles but I have been feeling so blessed.  I feel blessed that because of Bubba’s trials we have had some pretty amazing people come into our lives. Sunday I had the opportunity to go the funeral service for our sweet friend Emily. Her mother asked me if I would come early and photograph some things for them. I feel blessed to have known sweet Emily and will forever be grateful for the imprint that she has made on my heart.  During the service I was surrounded by warrior Moms, one mother donated a kidney of her own to her sweet two year old son, one mother’s son is in the hospital fighting right now after receiving several lifesaving transplants, another mother sitting next to me has a daughter with a very similar story to Bubbas. We all cried together as we watched our friend have to say good bye to her sweet daughter. We are all walking on similar paths and would never have met if it were not for the trials that our children are faced with. I am grateful for the positives of our trials, like meeting such strong warrior Moms.

I feel blessed by the love and support that we have received, it is overwhelming. Do you remember THIS talk? I was deeply touched by these words…….

Paxton’s family has learned they are surrounded by countless heavenly and earthly ministering angels. Some have quietly slipped in when needed and silently slipped out. Others have been at the door with food, doing the laundry, picking up the siblings, calling with encouragement, and especially praying for Paxton. Thus another special lesson learned: If you come upon a person who is drowning, would you ask if they need help—or would it be better to just jump in and save them from the deepening waters? The offer, while well meaning and often given, “Let me know if I can help” is really no help at all.

We continue to learn the important value of being aware of and interested in the lives of those around us, learning not only the importance of giving help but also the overwhelming joy that comes from helping others.

Dear President Thomas S. Monson, who is such a magnificent example of lifting the downtrodden, said: “God bless all who endeavor to be their brother’s keeper, who give to ameliorate suffering, who strive with all that is good within them to make a better world. Have you noticed that such individuals have a brighter smile? Their footsteps are more certain. They have an aura about them of contentment and satisfaction … for one cannot participate in helping others without experiencing a rich blessing himself.”8

We have been so blessed with earthly angels that do not stop to ask if we need help but rather jump into our rescue. We have received so many meals, cards, phone calls, offers to pick Regan up and take her to school, help with Regan’s birthday stuff, friends offering to come and hold Bubba so that I can get a shower. I don’t know that I will ever truly be able to express my gratitude in words to these sweet earthly angels but thank you! Thank you for loving our family. I feel blessed beyond measure.

This week Nana and Pa Pa are out of town, on a much needed vacation. At first I was nervous about what this week would be like without having my “go to” emergency person but again the support has been overwhelming. Jason is having surgery on Friday. {I know boo, right!?!} I wasn’t sure if I was even going to share this on the blog but I feel blessed by the amount of offers to help our family. Jason’s uncle will be taking him to and from the surgery center, friends want to bring in meals, and have offered to come and help with Bubba since Jason will be unable to lift or carry him for 3-6 weeks after surgery. {Super big boo on that one. Wink!}  Again, I feel so blessed!

I feel so blessed and am so grateful for all our sweet family and friends that have gone above and beyond…. That care…. That love us. J I am grateful for the blessings and tender mercies that come with our trials.

And what is a post with out pictures!?!?!?..........

Here are some pictures from my phone. :-)

{early morning cuddles... look at them holding hands. ;-}
{Regan and I rocking our pink and Hello Kitty in honor of Emily.}
{The balloon release in Emily's honor.}
{Smiles while watching small world video} 
{a walk to the park... can you see my boys in the background?}
{Bubba was strong enough to go see Great Grandma Jo...
She fell and broke her hip and wrist. :(  }
{poor Stanley}
{Today we had to wait a long time at the hospital
BUT Bubba found the elevators....}
{and elevators make him HAPPY}


Rachel said...

A spirit of gratefulness - of consciously seeking out and thanking God for blessings... enables us to understand jut how very rich we are!

Asking God to continue to arrange teeny tiny details to provide for you, to encourage you, to strengthen and refresh you!

Praying for speedy healing and recovery for Jason. Praying for healing and restoration for Bubba. Praying for special words from our Heavenly Father for Reagan.

And you... I would just love to hug!

Rochelleht said...

AWESOME!!! I love you. So sorry to hear about Jason's surgery. Hope all goes well. SO glad you have such a wonderful support group.