Sunday, April 22, 2012

I {smiled}

I am grateful for all of the reasons that I have had to SMILE..........
 I smiled because I was able to take Regan to school one day last week. :)
I smiled that I got to see her be the flag child for her classroom. ;)

I smiled becuase I was able to get Regan's hair ready for crazy hair day. :) 
 I smiled becuase she smiled! :)

I smiled because Bubba had a good day week. :) 
I smiled becuase we made welcome back Toobie signs. :) 

I smiled becuase Bubba smiled. :)
I smiled becuase Bubba was able to sit up on his own and hold his head up one day last week!!

I smiled becuase Stanley is such a good friend to the kids. :)
 I smiled becuase I got to take my girl out on an early birthday lunch. :)
I smiled at how excited she got when they sung to her. :)
I smiled because we got to have some girl talk. :)

I smiled because I got to help Regan with her Dino-rama for school while Daddy cuddled Bubba. :)

I SMILED becuase I felt like I got to be the Mom that I needed to be for both of my children this week. I enjoyed every second of these simple little things that made me SMILE. I am grateful for the tender mercies this week and for my smiles. :)

What did you smile about this week?


sylviamyoung said...

I smiled reading this whole post! I love your little family and your appreciation for every little blessing you have. I also smiled because we found out we are having a handsome little boy ourselves!

Susan said...

I smiled because this was the answer to many of our prayers. I hope to smile for the same reason next week.....

Rachel said...

I smiled just seeing all those smiles. Thankful that His joy doesn't depend on circumstances! Thankful that His peace doesn't wait for quiet moments. Thankful that He promises wisdom to those who ask. And Thankful, so Thankful that He sent His son to give us eternal life without these worldly worries.